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05 September 2011 @ 02:14 pm


Yesterday was 12012's live in BLAZE Shinjuku and I went there. The book signing session started from 4:30pm and I was planning to go from 3pm, but it wasn't until nearly 4 did i leave the house (shoot me <_<). I kind of worried about finding the way to that live house since it's in the Kabuki-cho *sweats*. And as expected T_T there were tons of host guys standing in the street. I was kinda freaked out and had to keep walking since if I stopped and looked like being lost or sth they would surely go out and speaking about coming into their bar. Yeah so I had to pretend like i know the way <_<. I walked around the area for 10mins before I could find the live house. The girls were already queueing so I joined in the line. The nearer i got to him the more i got nervous omg i'm so useless i know = =. So. Here is the part!!!

Wataru was sitting there. I heard his voice, then there i saw his hand, then him. It was like a dream. Hearing his voice that close already made me want to cry. So dear, so sweet, the voice i love the most. I did intend to say something like praising the book and such but my voice wouldn't come out, and all i could say was please, my name, thank you (shit i'm so useless i know !#@%#!%) He signed the book and asked my name, i told him and he wrote down りんちゃんへ :">:">:">:">:"> *happy* We shook hand, he said ありがとー!!! I thanked him and went out. The next minute i was crying all over (again, i am so useless). It's still lucky  i didn't cry in front of him or it'd be sooo embarrassing >< So i have to wait for a while before going out.

Mình yêu anh ;__:

The show started at 6:30. This was the live i had the most fun. Maybe it's because i got used to going to live, and because they were so wonderful. It may not sound right but I love 12012 with 4 members. Tomo moved to front, Yuusuke's former place, and he rocked so much. I kinda thought he was somehow limited in movement when Yuusuke was there but now he moved around a lot. He was so fucking amazing, i love him. They rearranged lots of old songs, I was awed, 'my room agony' sounded quite different. I really didn't bother remembering the setlist, all i wanted was to enjoy myself. Wataru's voice is already amazing but it even got better last night. I had fun, singing along, screaming at the top of my lungs. I especially love the MC last night. They were so fantastic, so funny. Before they even came in we already started shouting for encore and Tooru, Aki and Tomo went out first. They talked about lots of things: the band's blog (Tooru was complaining he's the only one who writes on the blog XD), Tomo and his love for katsu bentou lol. I laughed really hard when Tooru suddenly said "We have to hurry because when Wataru comes out then he will force us to end the MC", then Aki quickly said "Sou desu ne!" at really fast pace =)))))) They are so awesome.

We had 2 encores last night. Of course we shouted for a third one, but they didn't come out ;_; I got the drink from the bar and went straight out. On the way home couldn't help but feeling so lonely, the feeling i get every time after a liveshow. It sucks really.

So there it is my first 12012's live since Yuusuke left. One thing i know for sure is they are the coolest and i have to see them again. For now i'll try not to be sad about not being able to see them for a while T ^ T

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02 September 2011 @ 05:15 pm

i want too many things, i know. 
1. Jeffrey Campbell Beige Roman Wedge
2. a.p.c wedged sandals (!#!@#!$@ i want these so much but they are like $350 :(( )
3. Leather strap sandals. I'm all for leather now so you see
4. Draught Dry Goods' stuffs made from leather I want all of their collections actually lol
5. JnK handmade leather photos case They make awesome stuffs from leather.
6. Set of 3 leather bracelets
7. Bulle de Savon Onepiece
8. Yoda Hidemi book pochette How awesome is this.

So daddy mommy and my little bro are coming on 10th. I'm busy planning the tour, booking hotels and stuff so it kinda keeps me from thinking and being depressed and all. If only dad would buy me a Contax Aria with Carl Zeiss lens as graduation gifts :">, and mom would buy me one of those shoes 8-> *daydreams*
20 August 2011 @ 02:28 pm

Pentax Me Super + Lucky super 100 film

Rain suddenly poured heavily in Tokyo yesterday and now it's so cool outside. Staying in would be such a waste.
I feel so frustrated and annoyed without a reason. I feel helpless. If only giving up could be so easy, but it's not. Need some Starbucks right now. And I've been listening to Submarine EP nonstop, so perfect for a day like this.
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18 August 2011 @ 01:34 pm
 I just really love looking at pages like the favorite page on Flickr or people's Tumblr archives, you know, a huge collection of images displayed in grid style, gives me so much inspiration.

My favourites on Flickr, check it out. I really can spend hours, or days surfing through flickr. There are so many inspiring photographers and artists on there.

16 August 2011 @ 08:54 pm
It's even harder finding a camera store that do film developing here than in Beppu. WHY IS THAT?? T__T

Some shots from test rolls taken with Pentax Me super. Lens: Pentax-M 50mm f1.7. Ginger is the name ♥

Wataru's book Ikiru. I LOVE IT. Have been reading it over and over. I love how he wrote about 12012's formation with such details, really touching. A must have, the design is utterly absolutely cooool! And it was announced that Wataru's going to do a signing session for those who bring the book to summer tour. Gosh do i have to say how excited i am??? XDDDDD He's gonna SIGN THE BOOK. FOR ME. OMG


Te and her newly bought E-P2.

Orion. Always lovely.

Newly opened restaurant in Youme town. Yum.

Beppu firework festival 2011

Night sky.